Marking a New Chapter in Hyderabad’s Growth Story


The last few months are witnessing a realignment of the region at a rapid pace. Each political move after the process of the bifurcation of AP involved some anxious deliberations over future possibilities to make Telangana an economically vibrant state. The economic benefits are now assuming much more importance for the millions who are inhabit the region, and most importantly, the capital city of Hyderabad. Hyderabad has seen tremendous growth, with the turn of the century when the IT sector has started powering the city’s economy. The presence of software giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle have now contributed to the well-deserved reputation of Hyderabad known for its IT prowess.

After separate state formation, today there is hope regarding the long-term impact on the real estate industry of Hyderabad, including its overall economic health. With the malignant political uncertainty that has crippled Hyderabad for the last few years ending, the potential is emerging slowly, The richly equipped city would certainly remain a relevant and a dynamic hub of economic activity, with reports that the overall business sentiments in the city are looking up once again. Investors are expected to build on these favorable times and since the property valuations are staying low, it would be very beneficial for them.

Similarly, the period now is also expected to offer the best deals for some of the keen homebuyers, as home prices are now expected to remain stable for coming few months. Hyderabad remains the most affordable city when compared to its other competitors in the country. Involving the aspect of office spaces, potential occupiers are now reportedly, feeling reassured at the prospect of political stability after some of the uncertain times that the last few years were characterized by. Industry sources are now taking about a good increase involving leasing activity, including influx of more investments and businesses in Hyderabad.

It has been only three months since the new government assumed office but again stakeholders and well-wishers of Hyderabad are looking forward with hope. The city’s economic boom in the early 2000s was observed due to strong political will for making and implementing necessary policy decisions. Telangana Real Estate Developers’ Association – TREDA, vision is to boost this renewed growth to build strong foundations for Hyderabad’s growth story!

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