Choosing the right home


Once you’ve agonized enough and decided on buying a home for the family, come the bigger challenge – which location and what kind of home to buy. As you go about doing your due diligence, you will be faced with a plethora of choices, each more confusing than the other. Discounts, offers, freebies, visible and notional advantages, claims and more, not to mention the peers pressure & the truly knowledgeable and the self-assumed experts! It’s time for you to de-clog this all and decide. Here are a few steps to help you do that.

1.Budget first!
One would normally say requirement first, but then let’s agree that most of us have very modest needs! We only require a quaint bungalow with a couple of cars and a good bank balance that assures us of an attractive passive income – nothing more. So, getting back to reality, you need to have a clearly defined budget considering your income, expenses and factoring the contingencies. Once done, is the more active part of looking for a home.

2.Location is everything.
You need to look for a home that offers excellent-connectivity to your place of work, schools/ education institutions, hospitals, centres of recreation etc. proximity plays a key role considering that you need to save travel time and money on destinations you need to commute to regularly. This aspect needs to be considered from an immediate requirement perspective and also a future perspective – for ex., kids getting to college, regular medical care for parents etc. For ex., would a 2 bedroom suffice or would you need a 3 bedroom home. Do you prefer all bedrooms to be on the first floor or 1 has to be in the ground floor if you are going for a duplex type of property.

3. Check the background of the builders

Check the reputation of the builder from the previous buyers. This is very crucial considering that you are investing your life’s saving to create what would possibly your most valuable asset. Check thoroughly to ensure the builder’s track record, reputation, other projects, quality, schedules, legality etc.
Clarify on the payment terms and deliverables and project timelines. Be clear on aspects associated with floor area, amenities, deposits etc. and ensure there are no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises later.
As for the construction, the building has to be of good quality – materials used must be from reputed vendors, fittings and accessories must be from good brands and would be as promised

4.Check the legal aspects:
Recheck on the property titles. Every document must be intact and authentic, all plans are approved and deviations if any are within permissible limits. All paperwork must be in place – certifications, clearances, approvals and certificates. Insist on them and do not compromise on these whatsoever.

5. No hasty decisions:
Take your time, make enquires, check with friends and well-wishers (up to a point!), list out your immediate/ future requirements and then make an informed decision that would enable you to decide on a home that helps you lead a life of comfort.

Our best wishes with you. Do share with us your experiences & suggestion regarding choosing the perfect home.

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