Top 5 Reasons – Why to invest in Hyderabad


What makes a city livable? It’s usually different things for different folks but a few common parameters would include good connectivity from and to the destination, excellent infrastructure, progressive career pportunities, good education and medical facilities, well developed social infrastructure and a cosmopolitan community. Now evaluate Hyderabad on each of these aspects and you will realize why it’s so livable and lovable.

To begin with, Hyderabad has gained prominence as one of India’s most sought-after destinations for Information Technology over the last decade. The city is now home to globally renowned companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Motorola, Google (India’s largest campus and Asia’s largest warehouse), Bank of America and Accenture. Hyderabad also houses development centres of Amazon, Apple, Google and Uber (to be set up in the city shortly).

Besides establishing the city on the world map, this tech revolution has transformed Hyderabad’s culture by attracting a cosmopolitan crowd, fashion brands, food and lifestyle facilities and other key amenities. Keeping pace with this growth is the city’s infrastructure with several major projects completed and under construction. The city’s highly appreciated airport is a case in point and the metro is another. This has also attracted big ticket investments into residential and commercial spaces all of which are creating an increasing number of employment opportunities. The city now has a good number of malls, multiplexes and branded outlets all of which contribute to a global lifestyle.

Coming to eateries, Hyderabad traditionally is a foodie’s paradise be it sweets, its famous biryani or other delicacies. Add to this layer those numerous world cuisine options and you virtually have a gastronomist’s delight.
Hyderabad has always boasted of quality education institutions and the number is only rising in recent years. The city is home to several reputed international schools, colleges and business schools which are attracting thousands of students from different parts of India and the globe.

As for medical care, the city has some of India’s leading names in healthcare and pharma and offers world class medical facilities and treatment options.

Here is the best part. The cost of living in other Indian cities with similar offerings is prohibitively high while Hyderabad is surprisingly affordable. Rentals are manageable and so is real estate. A movie or a dinner does not burn a big hole in one’s pocket unlike in other cities. The city is surrounded by vast open spaces and is definitely less polluted when compared with other destinations. Stringent Government policies have ensured a sufficient green cover and lung space.

Add to this the city’s heritage, the vibrant film industry and proximity to key tourist destinations in and around and Hyderabad wins hands down, as India’s most livable city.

All you need to do is to choose a home of your choice, and get to live happily ever after – however clichéd that may sound!

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